Notable Australians on Dan

Bernard Collaery

Canberra Barrister and whistle-blower

“I lose sleep over this family.”

“So far as China is concerned, we were conducting joint military exercises at sea between the Royal Australian Navy, and the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) Navy at a time (2010) when Dan Duggan is accused of, as it were, consorting with the enemy. It’s double-standard. It’s hypocrisy.

“You must agree it makes a good show trial in Washington where the United States system is known for it. If Australia does extradite him we’re liable to see him become a pawn in this China game. It is very worrying.”

Senator David Shoebridge

Greens Senator for NSW

It is inconceivable that this is happening to an Australian citizen

“It is inconceivable that this is happening to an Australian citizen at the request of a foreign government on our shores.

“This is an Australian citizen, who’s never previously been charged with, let alone convicted of, a crime either in Australia or the rest of the world. He has a family and … deep roots and links to our community.

“The alleged crimes are not crimes of violence. And there is no indication that he would be a flight risk. It’s impossible to understand on what basis he’s being held on remand, in some of the most onerous and abusive detention conditions, while awaiting trial for extradition.”

Geoffrey Robertson KC

Internationally renowned Human Rights lawyer

“It’s a disgrace that a man like this with a presumption of innocence should be held separately away from his wife and children. It’s contrary to all beliefs in family life and in freedom”

“In human rights terms, the law as declared by Australian judges is utterly wrong.”

“No other country is such a lickspittle to the United States that it does this. In every other county if the US wants to put someone on trial they have to get some proof.

“There has to be some reason for dangerousness before you stick someone in prison.”

Dr Glenn Kolomeitz

International Lawyer, Human Rights advocate and veteran

“Dan’s case reeks of politics.”

“This entire case has been Australia jumping through every hoop the United States have put up to extradite an Australian citizen and take him away from his Australian wife and his Australian kids … it’s real lapdog diplomacy from Australia.”

“Dan has been caught up in something that is political and he shouldn’t be. He’s a person, an individual that they’re trying to use in a political power play.”

David McBride

Whistleblower, Lawyer and Veteran

“It’s time to remember that the PM, opposition leader, Christopher Pyne, and ‘Aussie Joe Hockey’ all have greater ties to China than Dan Duggan.”

 “I’d like to see Katherine Jones deported and her $700,000 given to Dan Duggan’s family. She works for the US not Australia, and in my mind she is the traitor not Dan. He seems like a nice family man to me.”

Mary Kostakidis

Journalist and political commentator

“This case is part of the campaign to whip up suspicion, fear and hatred of China … and to instil in us all that we are on notice.

#FreeDanDuggan’s life is being sacrificed as a small pawn in the hegemon’s war of brinkmanship with China. At the same time we are seeing an increased US military presence in Australia flowing from AUKUS. We are on a war footing. None of this debated in our parliament but with the fulsome support of the mainstream media.

“As always, everything is weighted in the US’s favour, including our Extradition Treaty. The US can allege anything it wants and an Australian like Duggan will be handed over, irrespective of the quality of evidence they may have in support of the allegations. Australia is playing its role as a sub imperial power, withholding documents Duggan needs to defend himself. If we are silent and complicit our world will keep morphing into one we don’t want to live in.”

Professor Donald Rothwell

Australian National University international law

“The biggest legal mystery concerning Duggan’s case is how an Australian citizen can be subject to US law for conduct that did not take place or have a direct impact in the US. The only possible grounds for US law to apply to Duggan is that his alleged crimes were committed when he was an US citizen … Nevertheless, it still will be necessary for American prosecutors to demonstrate US law applies to citizens wherever they are in the world.”

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